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Statement Wall

Add more values to your home, office or commercial Space. Our Creta Stone provide a natural Stone texture finish, they are strong and durable for a lifetime. 

Stone works provide a warmth to any place and feeling the texture its an experience that will stay in the mind and provide a beautiful design experience.

Our job as an an Architectural Manufacturer is to show you how easy is the process and to know what it takes to add this wonderful statement into your Design Space. 

If your space has beautiful natural lights any spot or Ceiling lights with sheetrock is a plus. Natural light from any openings on this wall is great effect and provide a beautiful eastetic everytime you look at the wall. 

We invite all Architects, Designers, Engineers and home owners to appreciate this Model and what can be done with it. 

Check also all our Accent wall Stones  for small walls details.

If you dont see this color tone we customize it for you. 

Architectural Stones Made in Haiti to beautify your home.

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