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New Facade Commercial building renovation.

Client : Le Ptit Creux

Location : Port-au-Prince, Haiti .

We want to emphasize this project particularly.

It has been one of our first commercial facades renovations and we wanted to point out the challenges, how our customer should prepare their surface and what to expect with the overall results.

First we would like to point out that wall covering do not correct structural or unleveled existant surface, they are not part of a structure but only decorative. They will be installed as per the surface level is due to the glue use for installation.

In above picture we proposed a cement board structure to cover the existant and unleveled concrete structure to bring out more of a uniform shape.

The Proposal in the picture below is what more less we want to accomplish with the renovation as per our client taste and needs. Our client will finish the other materials installation ( window, railing and paint ) with other contractors.