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Pros & Cons Wall Coverings !

Concrete Wall Coverings products is a great alternative to natural stone because it is lighter and cheaper, but still designed to look exactly like natural stone. However, as with anything there are pros and cons to discuss when considering wall stones products.


1) Variety and Design: Concrete stone products are, at their most basic, cement. It is the design, color that the cement goes through that makes it look like natural stone —There are a number of processes that produce a variety of designs and colors to suit any style or preference people are looking for, giving you more to work with when using this type of material. Wide range to choose from Create a truly personalised look. 

2) Being lightweight, Concrete Stone products are easier to work with and given you more options as to where and how you want to install the products. This means that this material can be used with masonry, wood frame or metal structures. They don’t need foundation support either.

3) Durability: As long as your concrete Stones products are used, installed and maintained correctly, you can rely on them to last a very long time. Engineered to last, Maintaining beauty and strength for at least 50 years.

4) Can be used both outdoors and indoors From feature walls to fireplaces, water features to wine cellars. 5) Does not require painting, coating or sealing after installation.


1) Exposure to certain elements will reduce the aesthetic appearance of the products. Such things as harsh chemicals, paint thinners, de-icing salts, and cleaning solvents can scar and stain the surface or result in discoloration. In general though, concrete stone products are hardy.

2) Concrete Wall coverings products may not be the best to use in swimming pools, as chlorine can cause discoloration.

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