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What Are Grass or Turf Pavers?

Diagonal Grass Stone

Turf and grass pavers are hollow pavers used for the construction of permeable pavements. They are installed using concrete grids or soil enhancement technologies as the base.

Once this grid is installed, topsoil, sand and gravel are added inside the grid.

This helps to prevent the turf or grass from settling and collapsing from underneath itself, whilst still encouraging filtration.

The next step is for the planting of the vegetation within the grid system. The end product is a grass or turf covered pavement structure. The grid system protects the grass roots and reduces storm water runoff, resulting in a very durable grass pavement.

Grass and Turf pavers are widely used for Commercial, Residential and Erosion Control Purposes.
Commercial Uses 
  • Parking lots in shopping complexes, churches, sporting centers and festival grounds.

  • Golf cart paths

  • Racetrack pit areas

  • Emergency and fire lane access.

  • Erosion control

  • Land stabilization: steep or sloping land

  • Drainage channels

  • Facility walkways

  • Sewer access roads

Residential Uses 
  • Driveways

  • Walkways and paths

  • Extensions of driveways

  • Flooring for barns and horse barns

  • Parking spaces

Erosion Control 
  • Turf pavers help to stabilize the soil

  • They can be used for sloping or steep land

  • They are used to prevent soil erosion on river banks, ponds and streams

  • Grass/Turf Pavers prevent erosion by supporting the weight of traffic and loads.

  • They prevent the soil from rutting and compacting, which would make the surface weaken and become unstable.

  • The grid system promotes the growth and strength of the underlying root system, which in turn increases the whole surface strength and durability 

  • They are a used as a load bearing system

Storm Water Management 

The great thing about Grass/Turf Pavers is that they allow the growth of grass or turf through the paving gaps. This makes them permeable, allowing rainwater to soak into the ground, reducing the pressure on our storm water runoff systems. So the grass/turf is being watered and fed, while at the same time you are reducing the storm water runoff flowing into our drainage systems.

Grass/Turf Pavers are an environmentally friendly material. These types of paving systems are said to be approximately 90% permeable. They assist with the storm water pollution filtration and treatment, making them a very effective paving alternative.

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